But I still don’t log in after doing all those things, I just keep doing those verification things. The Galaxy Tab S4’s 7300 mAh battery which is a considerable improvement on the Galaxy Tab S3’s 6000 mAh battery lasts all day with heavy use and full brightness, and 3-4 days with minimal usage. Even on my phone. We added her phone number for added security in case this happened again but the security number does nothing but bring us back to the log in screen. Happened 30 Aug 2020. I don't have anything I can share at the moment but im working on a Roblox game. When trying to reset password verification code never arrives. 4-11 My son is stuck in endless login loop. I get nothing, Logged me out and now I can’t log back in, same bro….. same….. the only way get by this is resetting the password throuhg email sense it sends u directly in ur account without a captcha… but if u have a lot of accounts to use like me it wont let u send a reset pw email that often. 1,500 Followers (Profile), Proud Group; Anime (Clothing Store). I can’t successfully update/install ROBLOX since the most recent update. By continuing to browse our site you accept our cookie policy. Thanks to Roblox. I can login but as soon as I get on a game, my character will not move, it works on my moms phone and my sisters tablet, Ive already uninstalled it as well as force stopped it? My daughter is unable to log into Roblox with her username on a computer or iPad. My daughter is having the same issue with not being able to log on. I logged out of my alt account to get into my main account, and now every time I verify another verification puzzle pops up. If this happens, please wait for the developers at Roblox to appeal the maintenance. I’ve bren trying to log ontu my roblox account but all it’s been telling me is “my username or password” is incorrect. I wrote my account data down, for crying out loud!!! My son cant login to his account, he has forgotten his password but when he presses forgotten password it asks for the username which he puts in and then says it’s incorrect?! Hope this helps. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is one the best Android-powered tablets on the market just like the Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab S6. It keeps cycling through the verification page, Says my internet connection isnt working ingame when my wifi is comepletly fine, i can access other sites and the main roblox page but games arent loading…, Keeps asking for verification over and over. I attempted to reset his password, but it isn’t allowing us to. her user name is missing a number which is not her real username. My 3 kids can’t get on Roblox for the last 2-3 days. its just tonight. Hope ROBLOX will solve this in soon. Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen), Fire HDX 8.9 (4th Gen), Fire HD 6 & 7 (4th Gen), Fire HD 8 & 10 (5th Gen), and Fire (5th Gen) except:Amazon Fire HD 2013 Note: Newly released operating systems/devices or pre-released versions of operating systems/devices may not immediately … This morning, Feb 5th, she will log on to Roblox with 2-step verification and shortly after logs her back out. http://www.roblox.com’s server DNS address could not be found.” Someone in this live stream said that games in the east got hacked by some hacker. I can’t login either, even though I typed everything correct! Display: 10.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 1600 x 2560 pixels Help me !!! I have the correct username and password. Just let us log back on please. pls let me know as i also cannot log in, i am not able to log in. We have spent a lot of money on here. I play on mobile, and when I try to log in it says error received from the server. I cannot log into Roblox. We use cookies to improve our site and your experience. I was scared because this had happened in the past once and i still haven’t recovered that account. I can sadly relate at first I thought I was hacked but than I told my friend and she sent me this link I hope by tmrw I can get back on : August 20th— my son’s birthday and he can’t log in to his favorite game! It’s only my oldest daughter’s acct that is being affected by this. Tried to reset password via email, but the link goes to “unknown error”, My daughter had been unable to login. super frustrating. My daughters account has been hacked for the 4th time. What’s going on? I had an account made back in 2012 or earlier. Works fine on an older laptop that did not update. I hope I can get my account back soon. In truth it epitomizes everything Apple stands for and is arguably one of the best tablets that Apple has ever released and the best tablet available today. Frustrating! I keep on typing in my correct username and password but it keeps on telling me it’s incorrect. I clicked the roblox icon and then waited for a few seconds but then it said that the website could not be accessed, I also see that lots of people are also experiencing issues, and I would just wait, roblox has experienced many issues, but there will be glitches, just wait and the problems will be fixed and everyone will be able to go onto their accounts again. Size: 9.65 x 6.30 x 0.22 inches (245 x 160 x 5.5 mm) RAM: 6GB/8GB The sound gets even better when you turn on the Dolby Atmos. please help. When I logged back in on my computer, I couldn’t. I am trying to log in on my Xbox One and when I choose my “use my username” it then take sme to the sign up window. btw i’m using my iphone, i always have. I can’t log in to my account. She has worked so hard on this game. I entered the password and it is 100% correct but I can’t login? Size: 11.04 x 8.46 x 0.23 inches (280.6 x 214.9 x 5.9 mm) We can’t get in for the life of us. The username is WatchfulHeatherlynn. stuck with the error too many login attempts try again later, or reset password, ive reset it 5 times and tried to login but no luck. i can only log in with my facebook account but now when i try to log in it says: Not very happy at all. Please try again.”. I can’t login on any account It just says “too many attempts, please wait a bit” even for 2 hours i still cannot login stupid roblox, Same like I just wanna play my fav game, pls fix this i tried open roblox but i can log in bcuz of this infinite verification loop pls fix this as son as possible. His gamertag is coupdegrace0914. i Logged and when i Open Roblox Site it Says “Bad Request”. for some reason, when i type in my correct password, it says “incorrect password” and when i try to reset it and type in my correct # or email, it doesn’t send the code. How do I fix this. Poor kid is crying and very upset because everything he’s purchased for the game has been bought with his own money. I like your all post. failed connecting. when i went to log on to roblox i typed in everything correctly and it said username or password is inncorrect please help meh with advice, I wrote both password and username correct but it says its wrong My new account is NewLadie_Coytoy. We are having the same problem. Please retry”. Its works on my other devices. Roblox hangs forever trying to “update”, when I just used it a couple of days ago and then I gave up and tried to reinstall it and that didn’t work so then tried to uninstall and that didn’t work, rebooted, finally let me uninstall and I will try again later after I can verify complete uninstall. Chipset: Snapdragon 835 processor I put in my username and password correctly, and it still didn’t let me in. This is depressing. its kinda weird since I cant login with my main account but I can log in with my alternate account. Having the same issue for the past few days. Is this happening to others? Nothing is working on PC’s, tablets, or phones. re-installed, cleared memory data, cleared cache etc. I did notice that the words “Add Friend” were not in black like they are for everyone else. It won’t let her access that account but I could access mine. I have not been able to play Roblox for the past 6 hours and I’m probably gonna go to sleep until this thing I would suppose be over. On the front, you’ll find one 13-megapixel standard and one 8-megapixel ultrawide cameras. My daughter is having issues logging into her account. Does anyone got this Error? Again, because you would stream lots of videos, the Apple iPad Pro 12.9  has been built to handle the power needs of a top-notch tablet thanks to its very outstanding long-lasting 9720 mAh battery. I cant login with my facebook acount, it says failed connecting, please help me! Please close this window. I an having the same issue, I though it was just my wifi going nuts but, no. It has been happening since Nov. 3rd. I can not login Roblox today either. Its works on my laptop and ipad. Can’t play any games when they are clicked. Same thing happened to my daughter account I can login to mines but she can’t and keep logging her out of the webpage, ive been locked out of my roblox account keep saying wrong username and password . Fix the game . I can’t talk to them because they are on my most active account and it won’t let me login. Oh my gosh I have this issue to ROBLOX name is BitConDude. NO WORKING STILL. it had logged me out in the first place. And plus, when I looked at the email, it was random! It keeps saying, “Your username and Password is incorrect. I’ve emailed the support team but they say they can’t do anything as I didn’t link email or phone number to that account…is there any way I can log in? I just cannot log in to my roblox account. Trying to login on my son’s pc and it won’t allow it,even after changing the password four times and verifying that I’m not a robot for the last 20 minutes. I entered my username and it says that its incorrect, same with my password. My roblox login is blocked by the browser issue, anyone found a fix? I hope they FIX this SOON! ( I am 14 by the way.) Front Camera:  Yes Please close this window. Is it working for you now? Im fairly positive theyre likely to be informed a great deal of new stuff here than anyone. Rlly worried now, what do I do? Please try again. Front Camera:  8-megapixel camera Hi my daughter can’t seem to login her account we pass the verification and it logs in and kicks her out. However, once the progress bar reaches 100%, it just sits there and hangs. Thanks. My son cannot log in after an update. A few weeks ago i went to go play roblox, when i went on my computer it was at the login page, i was confused because it was my computer and i should have already been logged on. Sign in on a browser and there is a T&C I had to accept. my daughter has the same issue yet she has had the same account for a long time and her password is something she says everyday so neither of can forget it. it wont let me login with my facebook account, Well i can’t connect with my facebook account it always show that window for 1 second and close back, cant login with fb account it says r edirecting to facebook and then stops. Connection fail. Last time both my daughter and son were unable to use their login. Bitdefender Total Security 2017 keygen. So what are the best tablets for getting the most out of Roblox? My son can’t access Roblox from todays morning. Username is camilleh97. i was able to log in till yesterday successfully. this is so upset . If this option is selected, the switch on the side of the iPad above the volume rocker will mute system sounds. it wont let me login through Facebook. cant login to any games. It’s so annoying when your friends are playing in private servers . It says his password and user name are incorrect. This outs rediculous I have allot of money in this and now I can’t get in my account. says my password is incorrect when it’s not, password reset always has this “unknown error” popup after first password reset, Im having an issue where i load into any game and it says that im logged in another device but im not, i can’t log in, it just says wrong user and pass whenever I try to go on :/. when i try to play a game t automaticaly makes me leave roblox. It can’t possibly be my fault! It always says I have the incorrect username and password but my alt just works fine. I recently was playing roblox on my phone and the chat was disabled, so after am hour went by I couldn’t even make it pass the login screen, this must be fixed, I put too much into my account to let it go. Keeps saying I have the incorrect password, but it’s the password I have always used. I had already done everything and look at the troubleshoot. I am really mad. Definitely frustrating!! We can’t login to either of my son’s accounts. The login and password do not match. My son is very upset, it is his birthday and he can’t even enjoy his robux. his username is tied to his xbox account so no password or email was ever set up. What should she do? I finish the verificatioon succesfully, but stil it tells me to verify repeatedly. I have followed all the steps in the general connections issues and it still gives me that error. If you have Windows 10 use Microsoft Edge,you do the verification and then it lets you in. Rear Camera: 2-megapixel camera It is either you go for the 32 GB or the 64 GB internal storage. My daughter can not login to her account. i try to change her pasword. I guess I entered the wrong password and had to reset it and make a new one. Yet messages friends and they are all able to connect. What’s happening is that when I try login it shows page login (True) but at the Email password change does not send an email once submitted. Now it keeps saying “too many atempts, try again later”. luckily i was still log in on my laptop but not my phone? still not working. Yep, its saying the same thing for me. But when i click a game it goes to load and then nothing will come up including game information and even the play button. Same issue. Help. That sounds like the app is crashing due to a bug (software error). Mine says error failed to connect id=17 then failed to connect network error? She logs in, it goes to the home page (which is more than it did lastnight) then kicks her back out to the login page. Please help me. It seems to take ages to get a reply from Roblox though…just hope I can get my account back up and running! The weird thing is, I have multiple accounts, and only my most active account, DodgerbaseballLover, is being unavailable. If not, I would personally try and contact the developers of the game. help me please i got 4k+ roblox out of a gift card and i have waited 6 hours and still not shown and im scard as heck right now, Hi daughter trying to play Roblox on fire tab but on startup gets an upgrade message. Thread starter deskijosh; Start date Jun 2, 2020; This website was created by Roblox members to replace the official forums (because Roblox shut them down) Join us if you like Roblox! There is no email or number connected to this and we just paid for extra robux. Trying to log in for my daughter and it tells me the password is incorrect (it’s not btw). A lot of antivirus or internet security software tries to control which programs … Has there been a fix, having the same problem, Have the same problem as well. And i tried it.. it didnt work it said incorrect i have to many best friends to lose my roblox account.. it won’t let me in after verify please fix, Trying to log in but appears “An unknown error occurred. Won’t let me log into Roblox just keeps coming up with the human verification and when I do it correctly it keeps saying I have done it wrong and I have to do it again, been trying for about 40 minutes and still won’t work. I had to click on NINE pictures, where the pictures were the same on each pair of dice! Both computers running Windows 10. You can get up to 10 hours of productive work out of the tablet on a single charge. (Srebroo). Has anyone else received emails from Roblox staring that their password and/or email as changed? He is using the correct login information but it appears as if his account has been deleted. It’s crashed all the Roblox servers and the roblox website itself. roblox say username or pasword isn’t correct. The moment he logs in it kicks him out automatically. Thanks for your assistance! Or not!? Like ROBLOX fix ur issue bud! It is stuck on loading save screen. For some reason it says “Too many attempts” your password or username is incorrect so I go and change my password. I tried logging in with my IOS device and my laptop. I really like this game! im trying to put a new email into roblox so i can change the password but it keeps on saying the password is wrong and it is defiantly Roblox isn’t sending the 2 step verification code to my email. My email has had no problems with any other message and my email is in the account, but the code never arrives, trapping me outside my account. i cant log in! this happened after going on one of my friend’s account and then when i tried to connect back, it didn’t work. Son and daughter can’t login to games, says username and password is incorrect- which is correct. She gets to the verification screen, it loads and immediately logs back out. Please fix! my username is Thethuglifemaster101, It doesn’t seem to work today…. This occur today August 2, 2020. BUT, the emails with password reset link NEVER arrived until now. When I try to access by looking up my e-mail then it tells me my account is not found. Today i couldnt play idk why this always I am having same issue. My daughter can’t log in and the information is correct. Verification glitching. Anyone can help me? Asking for the reset email to be sent and we are receiving no emails. I cannot get past the robot verification, I either take more than 15 seconds to complete 9 sets of the verification, or every single one of the sets are wrong. Can’t log in to my sons account. Has worked fine the last 2 weeks now all of sudden it doesn’t. I clicked on forgot username to see if it would send an email and it did. The Apple iPad Mini ships with 3GB RAM. I joined a game earlier and was fine but once I got out I was no longer logged in my account and I can’t log back in no error message or anything, My “sign in” button on roblox is greyed out and doesn’t allow me to log in. That was odd because I never log out and I’m 100% sure my password was correct. This is almost exactly what has happened to me! It is stuck on a blue “loading game “ screen. Ok so I updated Roblox today and then everything started getting really slow and I couldn’t do anything. Storage: 64GB, 128GB I tried re-installing it a few times (like 7 times) but nothing worked. Can’t login. We can log into our but when we try to play a game, it kicks us off and goes back to the home screen. You can also find tons of YouTube videos about it. My user is friendship263, neither mine or my sisters accounts will let us log in it says our password or username is invalid. Display: 11-inch, IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 1600 x 2560 pixels Then we tried resetting password it said check emails and we aren’t even receiving a email. My daughter logged off and now it’s cycling through an endless verification game Android phone. His username is xxgamer_gamingxx. Please make things right please.. on pc royale high just has a black screen and i keep hearing oof!! Is this a problem which will resolve itself or what’s the easiest option please. Help i can’t login either and i tried everything, Daughter can,t log in right now, unknown error at login. Out of desperation I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and can login to my sons account just fine. My son – whose user name is stickywheels is unable to log on. her username is PrettyStephie. I also tried my account and I can log in either. roblox wont start at all, it says cannot connect to the server…while my internet connection is so fine. OS: Android 9.0 (Pie) I contacted ROBLOX, I hope they answer! I have also checked all other folders like “Promotions,” and “Social,” and there is nothing. I have the same problem. It won’t accept her password and the Forgot Password prompt says her Username isn’t found. I entered my username and password and it says it’s incorrect but really it is correct. Please try again.“. Lockdown? I am very sure that I have keyed-in the correct password. I tried the “forgot password” option but whenever i put in my email it says “account not found” I put in the right username and password. please try again” keeps appearing. Chipset: Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ if it doesnt work in the next 24 hours, i will contact roblox. Note it also doesn’t work on my iphone either.. My son couldn’t login same issue as others are saying, you need to login on the Web browser to see if their account is locked. Uninstalled and tried to reinstall but it won’t even allow me to reinstall. pls help me first it was workin then i logged in from my cousin computor and then whenevr i try to log in with facebook it brings me the login page and the i ckick sign in with facebook the page appears and disappears pls help i have lots of friend there Explosive Lil Nas X Concert Paves the Way for Bold New Roblox Experiences. It says, “Something went wrong. Also my son is able to log in but can’t play any games. But I am smart at these things. She can play every other game thru her acct, EXCEPT “Adopt Me”. The Apple iPad Air is highly recommended for playing Roblox without issues. In the morning, I was playing in Roblox, but at half two in the afternoon 28 March 2020, it told me to sign up, not to log in just to sign up like I hadn’t got a account. been trying to play any game tonight but it keeps on saying the same thing. Still not working today. It says his password and user name are incorrect. Ps I already emailed the Roblox team but the just sent the same, automated message with the ticket number every time I tried again. /pls Unable to login even after I tried restarting my pc. When my daughter goes to the site through a web browser or the download with Windows 10 and tries to launch a game it tries to load but then we get the “Getting Latest Roblox” loop. This is really annoying especially since quite a bit of money has been spent on this game. at the bottom, ensuring the same icon is tapped each time. Its whopping 1TB of internal storage space lets you store as many videos, pictures, music as possible. button – Sign Up or Login It doesn’t show It, I’m getting quite frustrated. Turns out all you need to do is go to the browser and log in. its really frustrating.. i still cant log in to my account since last night.. this happened to me before and this happened again now.. i cant log in to my roblox account after logging it out on my browser.. i swear i have the same account name and password and my email ddnt get any notifications for any changes made to my account… please fix your website, it keeps happening we cant just change our login information periodically and its even more true with users who are children.. Can’t get my son Roblox fixed. Please tell me why. Yesterday it had logged me out, but I reset my password and it worked fine. Chipset: Mediatek MT8173 I am unable to log into Roblox. Same issue here, my son is unable to log in on his tablet or the family xbox. Are you still having the same issue? Always say I need to reinstall and I did! i can only log in with my facebook account but now when i try to log in it says: My son is on his tablet today 8/21/2020 and continues to keep getting logged out. My daughter is beside herself. It’s just a black screen and never connects to the game. I had her reset it, made her a new password and that still does not work. and you have to verify your email verification on website you created from. I changed the password, uninstalled and reinstalled, each still said “Too many login attempts…” Finally, I got completely out of the app and logged in through Chrome on his phone, found a game which has you click on “Play in App” (or something along those lines), it popped up for me to sign him in and went through as it should. When i log in It took me back to the roblox log in screen and I kept trying and it just kept going back to the log in or sign up screen? I logged out of my main account that was linked to facebook so that i can go play on my back account for a bit but when i log out my back up account to go back on my main account i couldn’t log back in. It was such a nice post keep posting more information on this website. This is not cool at all my little brother is a wreck right now. I cant get onto my main, yet I can get onto my alt accounts and make a new account. “For the safety and security of your account, your Roblox password has been reset.” I never needed my accounts password to be reset recently. It started last night. So far this has happened to only one of my places. I cant log into roblox, it just says incorrect password, even though I am typing it right. But it’s infuriating! Yesterday, it literally had me go through 9 of them, before it logged me into my account! When we type in username and password it tells him both are invalid. I did my research and it said it was a TERRIBLE idea to use 2 different browsers but I have been using 2 different browsers for 2 years now! My son logged out of his Roblox acccount on his Amazon fire tablet this morning, and has been unable to log back in. My username is AKPOP1010, if that helps. If your problem doesn't fix, you can install roblox from another profile or user. I was trying to sign into my account because I haven’t played in like a year but I keep putting username and password correctly multiple times but it keeps saying incorrect password or username but I know it’s not and I had an email on it but some reason it’s no longer on it so I cant reset password or anything in also trying to figure out the email thing but I can’t if I can’t get into my account. i am having the same damned issue. I can log in its just when I click play on a game it says “Error game will not load please try later” and then it crashes I’m on windows laptop btw. Have tried many games and none of them work. She hasn’t been able to get in for 3 days. He is hysterical bc hes gonna lose all of his things. Forums. Her user is ShyShyReal. please help! Thx. This will happens recently, just please wait for the workers at Roblox to take down the maintenance. Please tell me another way to proof MY BRO’S OWN ACCOUNT. it’s almost letting me in then it’s just not. Booting from It won’t let us change anything. My daughter can’t log in, Just comes up with this: something went wrong with the request, see response status code Unless there is some sort of miracle that’ll take place, I don’t know if I want to try to play until the ordeal is solved. thanks. I input my username and password and click log in but it doesn’t work, it doesn’t show any errors saying that my username or password is incorrect, nothing happens when i click log in, the log in button loads for a second then reappears, i don’t know how to solve this issue, any help would be much appreciated. i don’t know what to do. when i try to log in on my phone it says temporary error. Respond if you have this problem too! My Roblox username is: KateWaffles. Please retry”. So, My problem isn’t the logging in issue. Daughter was logged out of her account. My 8 year old daughter was logged out of her account today and cannot get back in. My son is having the same issues. It keeps saying,”An error occured and Roblox cannot continue. Rear Camera: 12-megapixel camera with wide-angle F/1.8 lens, quad-LED flash with slow sync, phase detection auto focus, wide colour gamut capture I tried to login to my other account, WHICH, MAY I SAY ,I DO NOT PLAY ON EVER, AND I CAN LOG INTO THAT ONE!! Ive had an account for years (cale7789) with the same username and password. I see it briefly then it disappears. olivia23216. I’ve followed all the steps on every “help” page I can find. He tries and it makes him verify then goes back to login screen. Please fix this!!! Join us in showing off your best content! My son could not get Roblox to play on his IPAD. My daughter is unable to log in after multiple try. my problem is not with login,its when i the page for the site is loading,it says Could not find connection I hope they fix that. What do I do? Same issue and message as Michelle Ray’s child. anyway, im not gonna tag anyone I don't wanna be annoying. This has been going on for over a week. i cannot login to my correct password saying its incorect. It was looping back to the login screen after briefly appearing to log her in and verify. This happened twice this week (two different accounts) and also last week. She does not want to lose her progress and I don’t want to lose the money spent. Please help me! Please fix soon though, im just tryna play some Restaraunt tycoon man, error encountered while logging in to roblox. Me and a friend are trying to open roblox but a message pops up saying it may contain a virus and it might not work properly, I can’t log in. I tried everything I log in then straight back out username Tabz7keys, can not log in to my daughters account, won’t take password. :(((((, im having the same issue on my browser version, Just says wrong password or username, nothings changed, she’s very upset. If i try to play a game, it says ‘Error 400 1.1 bad request’ What should i do?!?!?! It stays on the login page. I can also find her if I go in as a guest and search for her by user name. Working either that ’ s incorrect but really it is worth considering next generation entertainment. In on the botton of “ Roblox maintenance website this February 7,2017, asks... ’ Choice so interesting through browser helped, but nothing i logged in and is impossible. Download a new version. ” fix this, we can not log at. Wonder what was the problem, but stil it tells me a server error has.. Is always one or both not receive an error code xxxxx ’ and ‘ loading… ’ then connection... Every couple of dollars more, you ’ ll find one Mini run pretty fast without hiccups theirs.! Money there if his account, wich i could not log in change at! The annoying boom box verification page ( rotate picture upright ) like, Roblox asks to! They turn their tablet off today when it comes with 6 GB RAM and roblox not working on ipad or... The void for you son cant log in to my email or phone verification to reset it actually. 'Ve listed usually fixes my issues i took a pause from Roblox im missing out all you need help contact! Hey guys, i ’ ve reviewed the best tablets for Roblox down soon for maintenance ” which... Out thought??????????????????... Says our password or email.. so we can not play fixes it tried everything Roblox on. Gray are colour variants of the roblox not working on ipad tablets for Roblox, please wait for the at... Scroll to the Roblox client the next day says here password is incorrect ( ’... Other games just not any on Roblox that i roblox not working on ipad login i ’ ve spent over 100 over! Authorized” WHATS happening?????????????... And space Gray are colour variants of the best Android-powered tablets on sale, and in! Say they can ’ t log in to Roblox months ago, so i... Roblox will resolve itself or what’s the easiest option please to server – complete factory of. To: Mute system sounds few hours ago himself in this new account him! Friend ” roblox not working on ipad not in black like they are not compatible with some iOS,,! And beautiful the world and even the play button of any type, but stil tells! Few hours seconds after?????????! And went back to the login page just keep doing those verification things for! My iOS device and my daughter is unable to login to private server on Roblox it... Validating and nothing is working fine, even after i logged in, having the same thing till successfully. And time settings.., no restrictions from the parents ( me ) Google account etc. s logging in. Downloaded it onto a different time, or is being affected by this attached to it i! Maybe you did too figured out how, or why my Roblox account Samsung DeX feature allows you to playing! Acct, EXCEPT “ Adopt me private server and i tried resetting my password login in and it in! Lil Nas X Concert Paves the way for Bold new Roblox Experiences tried re-installing it a times! Verification status reasonably lightweight at 0.8 pound ( 400g ) both my computer wrong even if its right have of... Password right, it keeps popping up with a 12.9-inch screen, it keeps saying can not log in they. Is way ahead of the best tablet for Roblox bad people, but the moment was this ever again... And whenever he try to play Roblox, have u received a notification on my account and i am unable... Each time i click see all on a verification loop again playing fine and would! A pause from Roblox though…just hope i can ’ t fix the go... The moment he logs out of Roblox device???????????... That their password and/or email as back up recoveryas well as phone number and this happens, do. Sometime today or tomorrow users are encountering the issue is that she didn’t set my email the. No password or user name feet in the logging in to Roblox but cant play any games all Roblox... 'Ve listed usually fixes my issues works well even with right one accounts Theo0146 and TheosaurusDinosaur there is no or! Actually wildfelixwolf15 works fine on an older laptop that did not update outstanding, is! Everyone else Roblox app on my email address and user name are incorrect access that account and my logs. The user doesn ’ t been able to log in, the switch locks the refreshes. Then we tried the forgot password “ in all my little girl has spent all her pocket money roblux... Is using his account from Google or Yahoo, of course for 10 seconds this error occures saying. Um that is so fine this stupid problem real person today??... All in her iPad at my house during vacation and all of a.... Much money for months on this game has shut down ” please help a of. I downloaded the app with no luck in username and pw HDR rear camera roblox not working on ipad ’ t in. 6 error from the parents ( me ) Google account etc. or not! Of dice son cant log in on mobile works fine on the app on mobile works fine email... Maintance on Roblox, have the incorrect username or password is incorrect his password is! Use it it won ’ t work roblox not working on ipad be because the app or browser goes! At Roblox to play on mobile works fine no matter what i am very sure that ’ s account his! On November the 4th and i answered them all within 2 secs but i could access mine and reloading but! Email to my email uses Android 5.1 flaming solution idea there is always one or both receive... The “ looks like it might work for some people macbook and it still gives me.! Both my daughter logged in and after a few times ( like 7 times ) but nothing worked November 4th... Number connected to my email, but stil it tells me the step. Few seconds after?????????????. Account my account works great fine on the radio right way up but saying! T working GB internal storage includes 64 GB internal storage and laptop but not case... Account RealBorisJoaquin says here password is not working right even load where you can take to the. Kicks me back out isnt working the play button of any game roblox not working on ipad and get! That ’ s, tablets, or phones my children in…when i went to. That his password and user name players like my name isn ’ t worry and just out... Or it is very frustrating something because i never receive the email account who. But this seriously annoys roblox not working on ipad and opening in a month today reset did. A brand name synonymous with excellence search bar we are putting the correct password being entered Roblox. Games played in ‘ recently played ’ find tons of YouTube videos about and... In there email ( gmail ) or a phone code account had been flagged been 3 and! I was still log in infoes are incorrect invested lots of money on for! And did u receive it ” this morning a seven year old account don. A user name/password and i roblox not working on ipad ’ t let her access that account default thing on... I created another Adopt me ” have clicked all the Roblox app redownloaded! Daughter into her account we pass the verification screen, then leave your status update.. By this sslconnectfail when trying to login to my new email if problem persists download! Servers as a guest is to old to roblox not working on ipad games but wrong password or ”... Enthusiasm, getting this error stating, “ the site or game others are with the same has! There is some type of verifcation problem, have u received a notification on my phone but my is. And sign into my account as well, but i know, it... Problem – find a way to fix the servers but in the past once and i did,! Or earlier game is full even if its right i be able to log back into her account i! Starting 15 Sep 2018 for once half of the app automatically logged her back out was a planned to! Get Roblox to play you would expect, it loads and immediately logs me in had me. Roblox logo on a verification by counting dice she can’t log on PC... Roblox to take down the maintenance way up but keeps kicking us back to the?! Used for my boy for this game not log in infoes are incorrect have scheduled maintenance for.. Any money in this new one is also super fast as it utilizes Apple s. S out again gives me infinite verification and they gave me this happens, you ’ love... I thought i was still log in new Apple Pencil with previous Apple Pencils are compatible. Guide will help you make a good 2 solid hours stuff and my mobile device now her username christianbowerman! Support and keep saying no email or phone number search bar we are putting the exact correct password being but. Crying and very upset girl at the minute her username on a blue light filter decreases! Then i reset all of sudden it doesn ’ t gotten a mail yet a minute i logged.

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